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G.B. Construction ( GBC ) was established in the year 2004 and since inception GBC is engaged in Water System Management projects especially Water Treatment Plants which are directly related to the infrastructural development of our country  and through the years. GBC has gained the confidence of their clients in the Government and Semi-Government sectors. During  Sixteen year tenure. GBC has established the thoroughness and professional competence in all sectors of their Turnkey executions.

G.B. Construction is fast growing turnkey executing agency especially in the field of construction and commissioning of various capacities and types such as Conventional type ( Clariflocculator ) and space saving ( Modern Technology ) type ( Plate/Tube settler ) surface water treatment plants with its all allied works. Most of those water treatment plants are being put and situated in Arsenic affected areas to provide properly treated drinking water to the people of Urban and Rural sectors of our country. GBC has also executed  and commissioned several Underground and Overhead Reservoirs and laying of water distribution pipe lines. GBC’s main target is to execute their projects expeditiously to achieve the target of completion and commissioning of the projects in time and to the utmost satisfaction and confidence of the concerned departments under Govt. and semi-Govt. sectors with an aim to keep & maintain their reputation and track record as speedy turnkey executor in expanding their construction activities smoothly and satisfactorily for serving the nation. We have been functioning under the esteemed mentorship of Mr. Partha Guha, who through his immense domain expertise and untiring attitude have led the organization to heights that were unimagined earlier, with our ethical disposition, we have become the preferred choice for a large number of customers.


Founder Speaks​

It is often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Ours too, began in a similar way in the year 2004. In a most humble way. It was a Filter and Sand Packing job under the Public Health Engineering Directorate (P.H.E.). The order value was a paltry Rs. 5,300/- only.

However, we continued to dream on. To grow bigger, better and stronger perpetually. And it truly makes me happy to note that GBCIPL has grown substantially in the last 13 years. Our range of services now include setting up and commissioning Water Treatment Plants, Raw Water Intake Pumping Stations, construction of Radial Collector Well, H.T & LT Substations, Pipe Laying including Jack Push Technique, Boundary Walls, Underground & Overhead Reservoirs.

The journey has, however, not been without its challenges. We have often faced great difficulties, obstacles and hurdles in our operations. But it was our indomitable spirit and courage that egged us on and helped enormously in overcoming these. I take this opportunity to warmly thank all my colleagues who have worked untiringly to make GBCIPL what it is today – a great success story.

Mr. Partha Guha

G.B. Construction (GBC) is a fast growing turnkey constructing agency and since inception they are engaged in execution of Water System Management projects especially Water Treatment Plants with all its allied works.

Mr. Riju Ghoshal.

Sr. Manager – Operations

G.B. Construction

Mr. Bhismadeb Konar

Sr. Manager – Projects



Head Office Members

Staff Members

  • Balurghat W.T.P
  • Basirhat W.T.P
  • Bongaon W.T.P
  • New Town Intake
  • Nabadwip W.T.P
  • Sonarpur U.G.R
  • Pujali W.T.P
  • Purulia W.T.P
  • Bongaon W.T.P
  • Ranaghat Intake
  • Serampore W.T.P
  • Titagarh W.T.P

Company Policies

GBC is striving for its quality job since inception and making sincere effort in wondering our valued customers. Our growth rate is beyond our expectation and we are proud to be our people, our work culture, our honesty, discipline, proactive approach and more over our strong liberal policies:

   As we are engaging in executing infrastructural projects, we are committed in continual improvement in our quality and safety, health & environment performances by implementing stringent proven SOP’s.

   We are very particular in our HR policy and developed disciplinary work forces with the justified codes

   We believe that all individual who compose our diverse workforce should be treated with respect and dignity as our collective success as a business enterprise is rooted in the quality of our employee.

   We expects all it employee to follow the guidelines of accepted business conduct, because it is conductive to efficient operations and it makes the company a more pleasant place to work. Behavior that disrupts operations such as arguments, uncooperativeness, and continuous inability to get along with other employee will be subject to disciplinary action and possible termination.

   All employees shall not take any unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of confidential, proprietary or trade secret information, misrepresentation or other unfair dealing practices.

   Our organization is committed to providing a professional work environment for all its employee which is free from verbal, physical or psychological harassment irrespective of race, cast, color, gender, religion etc. Organization prohibits and will not tolerate harassment whether it be by a supervisor, co-worker, customer or vendor. We expect, for all its employees, a favorable work environment free from chaos, noise and maintain silence and discipline in work place.

   All employees should avoid conflicts of interest with the Company. Any situation that involves or may reasonably expected to involve, a conflict of interest should be disclosed properly to the higher management for corrective actions

   All employees should act and conduct free from fraud and deception. Their conduct shall conform to the best efforts.

   All persons not to compete directly or indirectly with the Company and not to disclose the confidential and crucial information gathered by the individuals during the tenure of their position in this Company even after resignation from his responsibility or leaving the services of the Company.

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