Pipe jacking is a process where small diameters known as microtunneling, which is basically a technique is developed to install pipelines underground. Commuting of a pipeline takes processing elements of set of data, which are inter-connected in a series. Here the output of single element makes the input of another element. Pipeline’s elements are executed in time-sliced or in parallel form, which in return generated some buffer place in storage.

Water Intake Drafting :

  • In order to minimize the issues related with sedimentation, jetty was developed for water intake.

Features :

  • Equipped with powerful hydraulic jacks
  • Have intra connecting approach for water conveyance
  • Equipped with highly advanced automated system

Computer-related pipelines include :

  • RISC pipeline also known as instruction pipelines are used basically in (CPUs) central processing units in order to allow execution of various instruction falling within the same circuitry. Circuitry is further divided into stages, which comprises instruction decoding, register and arithmetic fetching stages. Here one stage process single instruction at one time
  • Graphics pipelines that are mostly found in (GPUs) graphics processing units, consists complete CPUs or multiple arithmetic units, which implements various stages related with common rendering operations (window clipping, perspective projection, rendering, color and light calculation, etc.)
  • Software pipelines are the one, which could be written and where one operation directs and automatically fed the next operation.

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